Proof of Learn: Learning Economy at a Glance

Proof of Learn: Learning Economy at a Glance

Proof of Learn: Learning Economy at a Glance

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Education is a mountain. Everyone takes a different path to the top.


Proof of Learn quantifies the effort of learning in both traditional and online classrooms, and then creates a measurable connection between courses taken and competencies achieved in an unforgeable blockchain Learning Ledger. We then measure the impact of those learning pathways with Artificial Intelligence and Microdiplomas that quantify skills, both soft and hard. We then track the progress of those skills through the workplace by aligning all of the stakeholders incentives, as the Learning Ledger becomes a skills passports for better jobs and opportunities.


  • The Learning Economy augments the whole modern infrastructure of education— courses, books, lessons, classrooms, videos, labs— to record learning effort into an unforgeable blockchain Learning Ledger.
  • Learning Ledgers quantify student progress toward goals and measures the long-term impact of student skills with Microdiplomas. and Artificial Intelligence
  • As the true value of education is identified, the Learning Economy’s market value rises, empowering everyone in the supply chain to coordinate in a decentralized way and work together to build a commonwealth market to support the global effort of education.
  • As learners accumulate knowledge, they can earn Microdiplomas— inalienable certificates of competency on any subject, which allow students to quantify their skills for future employers and carry those competencies with them anywhere in the world.
  • Microdiplomas come around the whole constellation of accreditation to provide a universal, modern infrastructure for the new skill and gig economies.

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