The IoE is a vision where every human on earth has access to quality education and economic opportunities, through building a “Learning and Employment GPS” ecosystem. As learner data becomes further disconnected and increasingly inaccessible, skills and opportunity gaps grow, which makes investments into solutions to these challenges guesswork. Public and private sector stakeholders who try to solve these challenges are more often siloed, duplicating efforts and investments instead of collaborating and unifying networks. 

Supported by the Learning Economy Foundation and a diverse network of community stakeholders, the AP-Lab aims to provide the region with an inclusive, fully aligned, yet decentralized, ecosystem for collaborative innovation, research, and experimentation for the future of education and employment.

Join us to explore these key themes and more:


How can digital credentials best represent learner and skills records across varied learning communities? How can digital wallets, for example, empower learners and ensure that they can access, own, and use their own learning records for their education and employment needs?

Data harmonization

What efforts are being made to implement and evaluate digital credentialing systems across unique educational and employment ecosystems? To ensure transferability of skills and achievements, how can the IoE enable standards-based interoperability to facilitate cross-border mobility?


What ethical and policy standards and practices must we consider in connecting learners and employees to learning and employment opportunities? What is the role of critical stakeholders (e.g. government) in facilitating the new learning networks?      


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Event Info

Meet with Learning Economy’s founding team, advisors & special guests, and leave inspired to change the world (guaranteed).

19 May, 2021

08:00-10:30 GMT-4
(Washington, D.C.)

14:00-16:30 GMT+2

15:00-17:30 GMT+3

19:00-21:30 GMT+7