Education is the
New Gold Standard

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A Graph for Education

A protocol not a company—Learning Economy transfers information and value between any stakeholder in education using a variety of open data standards, since education across the world is just as diverse as the people teaching and learning.

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data & Value Translation

Quantify Outcomes

By measuring the supply chain of education we can stand up a modern 21st century learning infrastructure that quantifies impact and solves some of our biggest challenges. 

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An education and workplace Data Graph

The Internet of Education

What if educators, students, employers, and technologies could all translate value and information without sacrificing privacy or proprietary value? 

Steward Highlights

Below are a few of the steward nodes on the Learning Ledger graph, each playing a unique role in impacting students lives.

Education infrastructure

Where Social Network algorithms favor sensationalism, Social Library algorithms favor good ideas, critical thinking, and civic discourse.


collective action

WeLibrary mobilizes groups into living libraries to organize information, crowdsource intelligence, and curate wisdom.

The Learn Bank

A Bank in every student's pocket,
an Income to live, and an Education to thrive.

Begin With Language. Prove the Model.

To begin, Learning Economy is piloting with language learning apps and doing research at institutions like Harvard and Claremont McKenna, but in 2020.

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Learning Novella

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The Education Gold Rush

team & Master Builders

Engineers, Designers, Visionaries & World Changers

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advisors & Heroes

Our Trusted Allies

Chloe Autio
AI Policy Strategist, Intel Corporation
Hiram Chodosh
President, Claremont McKenna College
Taylor Kendal
U.S. Dept. of Education
Cofounder, Aproflow
Fumbi Chima
Chief Information Officer, Fox Networks
Previously CIO, Burberry & Walmart
Carissa Carter
Director, at Stanford
Previously Google, Herman Miller
more advisors
Alex Philp, Ph.D.
Founder, CTO, Data Scientist, Adelos
Previously, NASA & IBM
Daniella Foster
Sr. Director, Global CSR, Hilton Worldwide
Previously Director, Mars & U.S. State Department
John Lenac
Instructor, Berklee, Blockchain Expert
Previously, Global Director, Yahoo!
Bob Sumner
Associate Director & Principal Research Scientist, Disney Research
Tim Sullivan
Founder, Oceanic Partners
Reggie Watson
Regulatory Compliance Counsel, NAFCU
Previously, U.S. Department of Justice
Alexia D’Arco
President of Young Professionals in Foreign Policy
Diane Whitehead
Executive Director at Assoc. for Childhood Education International
Jay Latta
Strategic Planning & Innovation, BMW Group
Jonathan Gregory
Senior Advisor, Yorktown Solutions
Manjula Dissanayake
President, Educate Lanka Foundation
Judit Arenas
Office of the CEO, APCO Worldwide
Jacob Sherson
Director and Founder, Science at Home
Janet Rafner
Director of Learning, Science at Home
John Meany
Director of Forensics, Claremont McKenna College
Danny Laker
Innovation Strategy, Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain Lead, Accenture
Arif Khan
CMO Singularity NET
Previously, Accounts Director [Emerging Markets] at Linkedin
Anders Hedberg, Ph.D.
Sr Advisor, Diplomatic Courier
President, Hedberg Consulting
Christine Nasserghodsi
Cofounder, Mirai
Contributor, Forbes & Huffington Post
Abby Solomon
Executive Director, SEIU 775 Benefits Group
Megan Devlin
Director of Communications & Marketing, Meridian International Center
Jason Griffey
Director of Strategic Initiatives, NISO
Walter Balser
Writer-researcher, Creator of Open Partnership Education Network (OPEN)
Louka Parry
CEO & Founder - The Learning Future
Previously Education Changemakers
Dominic Regester
Program Director, Salzburg Global Seminar and Executive Committee, Karanga
Previously British Council

What We're up Against



Skills Gap

Educating with 19th century tools, in 20th century classrooms, to learn 21st century skills doesn't work.

Why Cryptocurrency works
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Controlling data and information stifles innovation and coordination. Data should be fuel for the commonwealth.

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Blockchain is largely misunderstood due to bad actors, lack of regulation, and poor communication.

Why Cryptocurrency works
our position



Discrimination in education and hiring ignores true merit and skills for unfair bias, undermining the commonwealth.

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